Igun list

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The AR-15 loses out to the AK-47, while the M16A3 is on par with the AK-74.

Bullpup weapons are much more mobile compared to conventional guns although bullpup sniper rifles are slightly tougher to reload.

Some firearms are overpriced, especially the rocket launchers (all of which cost over 100 coins).

Some firearms are only used for sports purposes and are not adopted by any military force in the world.

A few weapon packs/bundles are somewhat overpriced because they offer very few firearms for their price.

Most of the firearms available have been manufactured in the United States.

The most reliable weapon platforms in the world come from Germany.

British Armed Forces prefer to use American made weapons over their own firearms. They favor the American M4A1 and SCAR-H over their current service rifle, the SA80 AKA L85A2.

While the Japanese Type 99 LMG and British Bren Mk 1 have an imposing appearance, they are actually P.O.S. weapons in real life.