The SPAS 12 in app.

The SPAS 12 is a shotgun available in the app. It is an Italian shotgun used by Special Forces, due to the fact it is both pump action, and semi automatic.


The SPAS 12 was designed in 1979, Franchi S.p.A. It was meant to fire semi automatic exclusively, but was changed because of the pump action nature could handle less lethal rounds shotguns can shoot. The SPAS 12 has sold well to military and civilians alike, and is popular in many movies and videogames.

The SPAS 12 in real life.

Originally, the SPAS 12 was deemed illegal by the USA in 1989, due to the name, Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun. The US government showed that the gun lacked in a sporting purpose, as it was meant to be a military shotgun. Franchi changed the name to Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, allowing sales in the US, albeit with a limited tube capacity. By 2000, Franchi has stopped producing the SPAS 12, however still in use by various countries.


The SPAS 12 uses a gas operation system, but can also utilize a pump action nature. It has a tube fed magazine, which can hold up to 8 shells. The SPAS 12 fired 12 Gauge buckshot, 2 3/4 inches. The range is highly dependent on the type of round it shoots. The SPAS 12 can shoot a variety of ammunition, including

A SWAT member using the SPAS 12.

buckshot, slugs, bean bags, and tear gas. The SPAS 12 has a 21in barrel, but can range from 18 inches to 24 inches. The SPAS 12 can also have a foldable buttstock, or an stand alone stock.


The SPAS 12 is one of the original gun in the app. It originally had the fixed buttstock, but now has the collapsable buttstock, folded up. It can fire both semi automatic and pump action. It has a wide variety of camos, including Golden, Nickel, Artic, Orange Tiger, and Hazard.